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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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The Mountain is the region located to the north of Pelican Town. To the west is an exit to the backwoods, a route connecting to the Farm. Through a pass to the north lies a connection to the Railroad. This is initially blocked until it is cleared on day three of summer where an earthquake clears the debris.

Notable Locations

Image Name Description Occupants
Carpenter's Shop.png
Carpenter's Shop Located to the West, the Carpenter's Shop is where Robin runs her carpenter business. Her husband Demetrius and children Maru and Sebastian also live here in the attached house.

Robin Icon.png Robin

Maru Icon.png Maru

Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian

Tent Northeast of the carpenter's shop; this is where Linus lives and spends much of his time.

Linus Icon.png Linus

Mountain Lake A mountain lake that divides the area, it is only bridged to the north. At the beginning of the game, the path beyond the lake is blocked by a landslide. This will be cleared after a few days.
The Mines Beyond the lake lies the entrance to a monster infested mine that is the primary source of stone and ores for the town.

Dwarf Icon.png Dwarf

Adventurer's Guild.gif
Adventurer's Guild Further along the path from the mines, Marlon and Gil reside here. Once access is gained, it provides a shop selling certain Weapons, Boots, and Rings and also provides rewards for slaying monsters.

Marlon Icon.png Marlon

Gil Icon.png Gil

The Quarry A large area beyond the broken bridge where stone and ore deposits are generated each day. It is unlocked upon completion of the Crafts Room Bundles in the Community Center. The entrance to the Quarry Mine is located here.


Event Occurs Description
Salmonberry Season  Primavera 15-18 Bushes can be "used" to obtain Salmonberries
Earthquake  Estate, Day 3 Opens path to the Railroad and Spa.
Blackberry Season  Autunno 8-11 Bushes can be "used" to obtain Blackberries
Bridge Repaired Bridge to Quarry repaired
Glittering Boulder removed Boulder blocking waterflow left of mine entrance removed


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