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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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Carpenter's Shop
Carpenter's Shop.png
Orari di apertura: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Chiuso: Tuesday, and at 4:00pm Friday
Indirizzo: 24 Mountain Road

Robin Icon.png Robin

Demetrius Icon.png Demetrius

Sebastian Icon.png Sebastian

Maru Icon.png Maru

The Carpenter's Shop is located in the Mountain area north of Pelican Town. Robin is the town carpenter and runs the shop, which is inside her home where she lives with Demetrius, Maru, and Sebastian. The shop is open most days from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Robin sells furniture, and she can upgrade the Farmhouse and construct new farm buildings. She also buys and sells wood and stone (and buys clay). She will begin construction the day after buildings are purchased, but she does not work on festival days. Most construction projects are finished in 2 days (by the start of the second day after you place an order).

Shop Closure

The house is accessible from 9:00am to 8:00pm every day, even when the shop is closed.

The shop is closed on Tuesdays (except when it rains), as Robin goes to Pierre's General Store to exercise with Caroline, Jodi, Emily, and Marnie. However, she walks past the sales counter at 9:40am on her way. If you enter before then and use the counter just as she passes, you can still shop at that time. Similarly, Robin returns home at 7:50pm, and you can also use the counter as she enters her home and passes the sales counter.

The shop closes at 4:00pm on Fridays, when Robin and Demetrius go to The Stardrop Saloon. If you enter the house before 4:00pm but miss her during open hours, you can still shop if you catch her as she passes the sales counter on the way out, just as on Tuesday mornings.

The shop is always closed on Thursday, Summer 18, when Robin goes to Harvey's Clinic. She leaves the Clinic at 4pm to walk home, and passes the sales counter at approximately 5:50pm, when you can shop as she passes.

The shop is also closed on all festival days. If she was still working on a job for you on the day before, then these closures will delay the job completion by one day. However, Robin does work on regular Tuesdays when she already has a job lined up, so there is no delay in that case.

The shop is closed all day any day that she is working on a job at your farm.

Shop Inventory

In addition to Permanent Stock, which Robin has for sale every day, she has a rotating stock of Furniture that changes daily.

Permanent Stock

Note that the prices of wood and stone increase in game year 2. The player will receive a letter in the mail on Spring 1 of year 2 saying "The price of raw materials at Robin's shop and Clint's shop has increased". The gold obtained by selling wood or stone to Robin or through the Shipping Bin remains unchanged in year 2+.

Image Nome Descrizione Prezzo
Wood Un materiale vegetale robusto ma flessibile, utilizzabile in moltissimi modi. Year 1: Gold.png10o
Year 2+: Gold.png50o
Stone Un materiale comune con molti utilizzi nella costruzione di oggetti ed edifici. Year 1: Gold.png20o
Year 2+: Gold.png100o
Basic Window.png
Basic Window Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png300o
Small Window.png
Small Window Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png300o
Calendar Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png2 000o
Workbench Se lo usi per le fabbricazioni, avrai accesso ai materiali stipati in tutti i bauli adiacenti. Gold.png3 000o
Wood Chipper.png
Wood Chipper Inseriscivi un pezzo di legno duro per scomporlo in legno normale.
(Available after receiving a letter in winter)
Gold.png1 000o
Mini-Fridge Consente di depositare ulteriori ingredienti per cucinare. Gold.png3 000o
Floor TV.png
Floor TV Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png700o
Budget TV.png
Budget TV Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png750o
Plasma TV.png
Plasma TV Si può mettere in casa.
(Available after first house upgrade)
Gold.png4 500o
Furniture Catalogue.png
Furniture Catalogue Fornisce accesso illimitato a quasi tutti i mobili... stando comodamente a casa!
(Available after first house upgrade)
Gold.png200 000o
Seasonal Plant 5 Spring.png
Seasonal Plant Una pianta ornamentale che cambia ad ogni stagione. Non serve innaffiarla. Gold.png400o
Basic Log.png
Basic Log Una decorazione per la fattoria. Gold.png250o
Log Section.png
Log Section Una decorazione per la fattoria. Gold.png350o
Brick Fireplace.png
Brick Fireplace Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png1 000o
Stone Fireplace.png
Stone Fireplace Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png1 500o
Stove Fireplace.png
Stove Fireplace Si può mettere in casa. Gold.png3 000o
Wooden Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Wooden Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Wooden Brazier Gold.png250o
Stone Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Stone Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Stone Brazier
(Available after learning Wooden Brazier Recipe)
Barrel Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Barrel Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Barrel Brazier
(Available after learning Stone Brazier Recipe)
Stump Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Stump Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Stump Brazier
(Available after learning Barrel Brazier Recipe)
Gold Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Gold Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Gold Brazier
(Available after learning Stump Brazier Recipe)
Gold.png1 000o
Carved Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Carved Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Carved Brazier
(Available after learning Gold Brazier Recipe)
Gold.png2 000o
Skull Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Skull Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Skull Brazier
(Available after learning Carved Brazier Recipe)
Gold.png3 000o
Marble Brazier.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Marble Brazier Recipe Progetti per creare Marble Brazier
(Available after learning Skull Brazier Recipe)
Gold.png5 000o
Wood Lamp-post.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Wood Lamp-post Recipe Progetti per creare Wood Lamp-post Gold.png500o
Iron Lamp-post.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Iron Lamp-post Recipe Progetti per creare Iron Lamp-post Gold.png1 000o
Wood Floor.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Wood Floor Recipe Progetti per creare Wood Floor Gold.png500o
Stone Floor.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Stone Floor Recipe Progetti per creare Stone Floor Gold.png500o
Brick Floor.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Brick Floor Recipe Progetti per creare Brick Floor Gold.png500o
Stepping Stone Path.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Stepping Stone Path Recipe Progetti per creare Stepping Stone Path Gold.png500o
Straw Floor.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Straw Floor Recipe Progetti per creare Straw Floor Gold.png1 000o
Crystal Path.png
Recipe Overlay.png
Crystal Path Recipe Progetti per creare Crystal Path Gold.png1 000o

Rotating Stock

See also: Furniture

Below is an expandable table of all items that may randomly rotate into Robin's daily stock.

Item Price 
Oak Chair.png Oak Chair Gold.png350o
Walnut Chair.png Walnut Chair Gold.png350o
Birch Chair.png Birch Chair Gold.png350o
Mahogany Chair.png Mahogany Chair Gold.png1 000o
Red Diner Chair.png Red Diner Chair Gold.png750o
Blue Diner Chair.png Blue Diner Chair Gold.png750o
Country Chair.png Country Chair Gold.png750o
Breakfast Chair.png Breakfast Chair Gold.png750o
Pink Office Chair.png Pink Office Chair Gold.png500o
Purple Office Chair.png Purple Office Chair Gold.png500o
Green Office Stool.png Green Office Stool Gold.png350o
Orange Office Stool.png Orange Office Stool Gold.png350o
Dark Throne.png Dark Throne Gold.png2 000o
Dining Chair (yellow).png Dining Chair (yellow) Gold.png1 200o
Dining Chair (red).png Dining Chair (red) Gold.png1 200o
Green Plush Seat.png Green Plush Seat Gold.png750o
Pink Plush Seat.png Pink Plush Seat Gold.png750o
Winter Chair.png Winter Chair Gold.png750o
Groovy Chair.png Groovy Chair Gold.png750o
Cute Chair.png Cute Chair Gold.png1 200o
Stump Seat.png Stump Seat Gold.png2 000o
Metal Chair.png Metal Chair Gold.png800o
Green Stool.png Green Stool Gold.png350o
Blue Stool.png Blue Stool Gold.png350o
King Chair.png King Chair Gold.png3 000o
Oak Bench.png Oak Bench Gold.png750o
Walnut Bench.png Walnut Bench Gold.png750o
Birch Bench.png Birch Bench Gold.png750o
Mahogany Bench.png Mahogany Bench Gold.png2 000o
Modern Bench.png Modern Bench Gold.png2 000o
Blue Armchair.png Blue Armchair Gold.png1 000o
Red Armchair.png Red Armchair Gold.png1 000o
Green Armchair.png Green Armchair Gold.png1 000o
Yellow Armchair.png Yellow Armchair Gold.png1 000o
Brown Armchair.png Brown Armchair Gold.png1 000o
Blue Couch.png Blue Couch Gold.png1 750o
Red Couch.png Red Couch Gold.png1 750o
Green Couch.png Green Couch Gold.png1 750o
Yellow Couch.png Yellow Couch Gold.png1 750o
Brown Couch.png Brown Couch Gold.png1 750o
Dark Couch.png Dark Couch Gold.png2 500o
Wizard Couch.png Wizard Couch Gold.png4 000o
Woodsy Couch.png Woodsy Couch Gold.png3 000o
Oak Dresser.png Oak Dresser Gold.png5 000o
Walnut Dresser.png Walnut Dresser Gold.png5 000o
Birch Dresser.png Birch Dresser Gold.png5 000o
Mahogany Dresser.png Mahogany Dresser Gold.png7 500o
Coffee Table.png Coffee Table Gold.png1 250o
Stone Slab.png Stone Slab Gold.png1 000o
Winter Dining Table.png Winter Dining Table Gold.png3 500o
Festive Dining Table.png Festive Dining Table Gold.png3 500o
Mahogany Dining Table.png Mahogany Dining Table Gold.png3 000o
Modern Dining Table.png Modern Dining Table Gold.png2 700o
Oak Table.png Oak Table Gold.png750o
Walnut Table.png Walnut Table Gold.png750o
Birch Table.png Birch Table Gold.png750o
Mahogany Table.png Mahogany Table Gold.png1 500o
Sun Table.png Sun Table Gold.png2 500o
Moon Table.png Moon Table Gold.png2 500o
Modern Table.png Modern Table Gold.png1 250o
Pub Table.png Pub Table Gold.png800o
Luxury Table.png Luxury Table Gold.png2 000o
Diviner Table.png Diviner Table Gold.png2 250o
Neolithic Table.png Neolithic Table Gold.png1 800o
Puzzle Table.png Puzzle Table Gold.png1 500o
Winter Table.png Winter Table Gold.png1 250o
Candy Table.png Candy Table Gold.png1 000o
Luau Table.png Luau Table Gold.png1 000o
Dark Table.png Dark Table Gold.png2 000o
Oak Tea-Table.png Oak Tea-Table Gold.png750o
Walnut Tea-Table.png Walnut Tea-Table Gold.png750o
Birch Tea-Table.png Birch Tea-Table Gold.png750o
Mahogany Tea-Table.png Mahogany Tea-Table Gold.png1 500o
Modern Tea-Table.png Modern Tea-Table Gold.png1 000o
China Cabinet.png China Cabinet Gold.png6 000o
Artist Bookcase.png Artist Bookcase Gold.png1 200o
Luxury Bookcase.png Luxury Bookcase Gold.png2 000o
Modern Bookcase.png Modern Bookcase Gold.png1 600o
Dark Bookcase.png Dark Bookcase Gold.png2 000o
Ceramic Pillar.png Ceramic Pillar Gold.png250o
Gold Pillar.png Gold Pillar Gold.png450o
Industrial Pipe.png Industrial Pipe Gold.png300o
Indoor Palm.png Indoor Palm Gold.png600o
Totem Pole.png Totem Pole Gold.png750o
Manicured Pine.png Manicured Pine Gold.png500o
Topiary Tree.png Topiary Tree Gold.png500o
Small Plant.png Small Plant Gold.png250o
Table Plant.png Table Plant Gold.png250o
Decorative Bowl.png Decorative Bowl Gold.png250o
Futan Bear.png Futan Bear Gold.png1 500o
Globe.png Globe Gold.png250o
Model Ship.png Model Ship Gold.png750o
Small Crystal.png Small Crystal Gold.png750o
Decorative Lantern.png Decorative Lantern Gold.png500o
House Plant.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 2.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 3.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 4.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 5.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 6.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 7.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 8.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 9.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 10.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 11.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 12.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 13.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 14.png House Plant Gold.png250o
House Plant 15.png House Plant Gold.png250o
Oak End Table.png Oak End Table Gold.png500o
Walnut End Table.png Walnut End Table Gold.png500o
Birch End Table.png Birch End Table Gold.png500o
Mahogany End Table.png Mahogany End Table Gold.png1 000o
Modern End Table.png Modern End Table Gold.png800o
Grandmother End Table.png Grandmother End Table Gold.png1 000o
Winter End Table.png Winter End Table Gold.png800o
Tree of the Winter Star.png Tree of the Winter Star Gold.png5 000o
Country Lamp.png Country Lamp Gold.png500o
Box Lamp.png Box Lamp Gold.png750o
Modern Lamp.png Modern Lamp Gold.png750o
Classic Lamp.png Classic Lamp Gold.png1 000o
Red Rug.png Red Rug Gold.png1 000o
Patchwork Rug.png Patchwork Rug Gold.png800o
Dark Rug.png Dark Rug Gold.png2 000o
'Spires'.png 'Spires' Gold.png800o
Calico Falls.png Calico Falls Gold.png750o
Needlepoint Flower.png Needlepoint Flower Gold.png500o
Skull Poster.png Skull Poster Gold.png500o
'Sun 45'.png 'Sun 45' Gold.png350o
'Little Tree'.png 'Little Tree' Gold.png350o
'Blueberries'.png 'Blueberries' Gold.png250o
'Blue City'.png 'Blue City' Gold.png250o
Little Photos.png Little Photos Gold.png250o
'Dancing Grass'.png 'Dancing Grass' Gold.png400o
Boarded Window.png Boarded Window Gold.png400o
Porthole.png Porthole Gold.png700o
Anchor (Furniture).png Anchor (Furniture) Gold.png750o
World Map.png World Map Gold.png500o
Ornate Window.png Ornate Window Gold.png900o
Carved Window.png Carved Window Gold.png900o
Nautical Rug.png Nautical Rug Gold.png1 250o
Burlap Rug.png Burlap Rug Gold.png350o
Tree Column.png Tree Column Gold.png1 000o
L. Light String.png L. Light String Gold.png400o
S. Pine.png S. Pine Gold.png500o
Bonsai Tree.png Bonsai Tree Gold.png800o
Metal Window.png Metal Window Gold.png800o
Candle Lamp.png Candle Lamp Gold.png1 000o
Miner's Crest.png Miner's Crest Gold.png1 000o
Bamboo Mat.png Bamboo Mat Gold.png250o
Ornate Lamp.png Ornate Lamp Gold.png1 050o
Woodcut Rug.png Woodcut Rug Gold.png800o
Hanging Shield.png Hanging Shield Gold.png500o
Monster Danglers.png Monster Danglers Gold.png1 000o
Ceiling Flags.png Ceiling Flags Gold.png50o

Edifici della fattoria

Per gli edifici magici vedi Torre del mago

Gli edifici della fattoria hanno una varietà di usi. Alcuni sono necessari per ospitare Animali. Sia le Stie che i Granai possono essere migliorati per ospitare più/diversi animali. Il giocatore potrebbe costruire tanti edifici quanti lo spazio permette, inclusi più edifici dello stesso tipo. Le Casupole e and Shipping Bins sono costruiti istantaneamente, e i Granai e le Stie ci impiegano 3 giorni ad essere completati; Gli altri edifici richiedono 2 giorni.

Gli edifici esistenti possono esser spostati alla Bottega del falegname. Questa azione si applica istantaneamente ed è gratuita, non richiede tempo per la costruzione, oro, o risorse oltre al tempo che ci impieghi ad arrivare alla Bottega del falegname. Il contenuto dell'edificio si muove con l'edificio, come un'unica unità. A differenza dei Bauli, un edificio non dev'essere vuoto per esser spostato.

Consiglio: Costruire un Silo prima di costruire una Stia o un Granaio, ti permetterà di accumulare Fieno prima che sia richiesto per cibare gli animali.

Immagine Nome Descrizione Ospita Costo Dimensione
Granaio Ospita 4 animali da granaio. Mucche Gold.png6 000oWood.png Legno (350)Stone.png Pietra (150) 7x4
Big Barn.png
Granaio grande Ospita 8 animali da granaio. Permette agli animali di partorire. Sblocca le capre. Capre Gold.png12 000oWood.png Legno (450)Stone.png Pietra (200) 7x4
Deluxe Barn.png
Granaio Deluxe Ospita 12 animali da granaio. Include un sistema di auto-alimentazione. Sblocca le pecore e i maiali. Pecora


Gold.png25 000oWood.png Legno (550)Stone.png Pietra (300) 7x4
Stia Ospita 4 animali da pollaio. Galline Gold.png4 000oWood.png Legno (300)Stone.png Pietra (100) 6x3
Big Coop.png
Stia Grande Ospita 8 animali da pollaio. Include un'incubatrice. Sblocca le anatre. Anatre


Gold.png10 000oWood.png Legno (400)Stone.png Pietra (150) 6x3
Deluxe Coop.png
Stia Deluxe Ospita 12 animali da pollaio. Include un sistema di auto-alimentazione. Sblocca i conigli. Conigli Gold.png20 000oWood.png Legno (500)Stone.png Pietra (200) 6x3
Fish Pond.png
Laghetto per pesci Alleva dei pesci e raccogli i loro prodotti. I pesci si moltiplicano con il tempo. Pesci Gold.png5 000oStone.png Pietra (200)Seaweed.png Alga marina (5)Green Algae.png Alghetta verde (5) 5x5
Mulino Permette di produrre farina dal grano e zucchero dalle barbabietole. Gold.png2 500oStone.png Pietra (50)Wood.png Legno (150)Cloth.png Stoffa (4) 4x2
Shed Un edificio vuoto. Riempilo con quello che ti pare! L'interno si può arredare. Gold.png15 000oWood.png Legno (300) 7x3
Big Shed.png
Big Shed Raddoppia le dimensioni della rimessa. L'interno si può arredare. Gold.png20 000oWood.png Legno (550)Stone.png Pietra (300) 7x3
Silo Permette di tagliare e immagazzinare l'erba per il foraggio. Gold.png100oStone.png Pietra (100)Clay.png Argilla (10)Copper Bar.png Lingotto di rame (5) 3x3
Slime Hutch.png
Slime Hutch Alleva fino a 20 melme. Riempi d'acqua gli abbeveratoi e le melme creeranno palle di melma. Melme Gold.png10 000oStone.png Pietra (500)Refined Quartz.png Quarzo raffinato (10)Iridium Bar.png Lingotto d'iridio (1) 11x6
Horse Stable.png
Stalla Permette di tenere e cavalcare un cavallo. Cavallo già incluso. Cavalli Gold.png10 000oHardwood.png Legno duro (100)Iron Bar.png Lingotto di ferro (5) 4x2
Well Fornisce un luogo dove riempire l'annaffiatoio. Gold.png1 000oStone.png Pietra (75) 3x3
Stone Cabin Stage 1.png
Stone Cabin Una casa per un amico! Sovvenzionata dal fondo per l'agricoltura del paese. 1 bracciante in una partita Multigiocatore. Gold.png100oStone.png Pietra (10) 5x3
Plank Cabin Stage 1.png
Plank Cabin Una casa per un amico! Sovvenzionata dal fondo per l'agricoltura del paese. 1 bracciante in una partita Multigiocatore. Gold.png100oWood.png Legno (5)Fiber.png Fibra (10) 5x3
Log Cabin Stage 1.png
Log Cabin Una casa per un amico! Sovvenzionata dal fondo per l'agricoltura del paese. 1 bracciante in una partita Multigiocatore. Gold.png100oWood.png Legno (10) 5x3
Cassetta delle spedizioni Cassetta delle spedizioni/Infilaci degli oggetti per venderli durante la notte. Gold.png250oWood.png Legno (150) 2x1

House Upgrades

When upgrading the Farmhouse, the footprint of the building does not change, so no adjacent tiles are impacted. House upgrades add space inside the house as well as accessibility to the kitchen for cooking.

Farmhouse upgrades require three days to complete.

Image Name Description Cost
House (tier 2).png
House Upgrade 1 Increase house size and adds a Kitchen. Gold.png10 000oWood.png Legno (450)
House (tier 3).png
House Upgrade 2 Adds two new rooms, one empty, and one with a crib and two single beds. This allows you to have two children. Kitchen is larger. Gold.png50 000oHardwood.png Legno duro (150)
House (tier 3).png
House Upgrade 3 Adds a cellar under the house, allowing access via the kitchen.

The cellar allows the player to craft and house Casks which can age specific products (i.e., Cheese, Goat Cheese, Beer, Mead, Pale Ale, and Wine) to increase their quality and value.

Gold.png100 000o

Community Upgrade

See also: Trailer

After fully upgrading the Farmhouse and completing the Community Center (or purchasing a JojaMart membership), players are able to purchase a "Community Upgrade" at the Carpenter's Shop for Gold.png500 000o and 950 Wood. Robin will then build a new house for Pam (and Penny, if the player is not married to Penny). Note that in a multiplayer game only the host player is able to purchase this upgrade.


  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Added Mill, Shed and Farmhouse upgrade 3 for purchase. Added ability for Robin to move placed buildings through the construction menu. Introduced a number of new furniture objects to rotating stock.
  • 1.3: Added Shipping Bin, Cabins, and "Community Upgrade" to construction menu. Added price increase for wood and stone in year 2. Added Basic Log, Log Section, Brick Fireplace, Stone Fireplace, and Stove Fireplace to permanent stock.
  • 1.4: Added Fish Pond and Big Shed to construction menu. Added Workbench, Wood Chipper, Mini-Fridge, and Brick Floor (Recipe) to permanent stock. Dressers prices increased from 1000g to 5000g (Mahogany dresser from 2000g to 7500g).