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Plank Cabin Stage 1.png
Una casa per un amico! Sovvenzionata dal fondo per l'agricoltura del paese.
Costo di costruzione: Gold.png100o
Costruisci materiali: Variable
Dimensioni: 5x3
Robin building.png
“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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The Cabin is a farm building that houses 1 farmhand in a Multiplayer game. Up to 3 cabins can be chosen at the start of a new co-op game, in "Nearby" or "Separate" layout. Up to 3 total cabins can also be added to a new or saved game, by visiting the Carpenter's Shop and choosing "Construct farm building" from the menu.

If chosen at the start of a Multiplayer game, cabins are free. If built on an existing farm, the cost is Gold.png100o for each of the 3 varieties of Cabin, plus the building materials listed in the table below. Cabins are built instantaneously upon purchase.

A farmhand moves into a cabin by picking up the Parsnip Seeds left by Mayor Lewis on the floor of the cabin.

Cabins can be demolished by the host at any time, by visiting the Carpenter's Shop (or Wizard's Tower, if the player has unlocked the magic buildings). This will permanently remove the player who occupies the cabin from the game. The player's inventory (other than tools) will appear in a chest in place of the demolished cabin.


Each cabin may be upgraded twice, for the same cost as upgrading the Farmhouse. The final upgrade that gives the cellar is not available for Cabins. Only the farmhand who occupies the Cabin may upgrade it. Each upgrade normally takes 3 days to complete.


The interior of a cabin is identical to that of the main Farmhouse, with one exception: there is a chest of drawers in place of the fireplace. The chest of drawers cannot be accessed by the farmhand, but can be accessed by anyone else when the farmhand is offline. The chest of drawers holds the farmhand's inventory when the farmhand is absent from the game. The chest of drawers cannot be moved.


The game automatically chooses the style and location of cabins, if cabins are chosen at the start of a new game. If purchased from the Carpenter's Shop, the player can choose which style to build, and where to place them.

Cabin Build Materials Initial Upgrade 1 Upgrade 2
Stone Cabin Stone.png Pietra (10)
Stone Cabin Stage 1.png
Stone Cabin Stage 2.png
Stone Cabin Stage 3.png
Plank Cabin Wood.png Legno (5)Fiber.png Fibra (10)
Plank Cabin Stage 1.png
Plank Cabin Stage 2.png
Plank Cabin Stage 3.png
Log Cabin Wood.png Legno (10)
Log Cabin Stage 1.png
Log Cabin Stage 2.png
Log Cabin Stage 3.png


  • 1.3: Introduced.