Capanna Junimo

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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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Capanna Junimo
Junimo Hut.png
I Junimo raccoglieranno per te le colture intorno alla capanna.
Costo di costruzione: Gold.png20 000o
Costruisci materiali: Stone.png Pietra (200)Starfruit.png Carambola (9)Fiber.png Fibra (100)
Dimensioni: 3x2

The Junimo Hut is a type of building purchasable from the Wizard at the Wizard's Tower after finishing the Goblin Problem Quest.

The hut houses Junimos, who live on the player's farm and harvest any fully-grown crops that are within the hut's vicinity.


A Junimo Hut will let out three Junimos every morning. Each Junimo will harvest crops by picking them one at a time until all nearby crops are harvested. The range of a hut is a 17x17 area centered on its doorway. This is 8 spaces in each direction, but the building's footprint covers one space to each side and above. This means that each junimo hut covers a total of 289 tiles, or 283 counting the hut’s footprint.

Junimos will not collect crops in the rain.

If the entrance to the hut is obstructed, the Junimos may be unable to gather crops.

Junimo harvesting can be turned off by clicking on the Hut then clicking on the button depicting a green junimo harvesting a blueberry.



Junimos will not collect crops grown from Wild Seeds. They will collect flowers, plants requiring a scythe, and crops physically unreachable to the player because they're blocked by trellises.

Players will not be able to plant seeds on a tile if a Junimo is standing on it.


Players can retrieve crops from the hut whenever they'd like. A bag tied with a purple ribbon outside of the hut indicates that there are crops available for collection to the player, and it disappears after all goods are collected.

This bag may hold up to 36 items, and behaves as though it were a Chest, in that players may take out or put things into it. With so much capacity, if you are harvesting only one kind of crop, then you will only need to collect from the chest once every season. If all 36 spaces in the bag are filled, the crops that the Junimos harvest will be dropped on the ground.


  • If the player harvests a crop at the same time as a Junimo, it will softlock the game.


  • It's not necessary to have 9 Starfruit of the same quality in order to build a Junimo Hut. The game will count the total number of Starfruit that you have in inventory.
  • Junimos continue to gather while you're not at the farm, however if you end the day before they finish gathering then the remaining crops within the vicinity of the hut are not automatically retrieved.
  • Junimos are inefficient harvesters and may not harvest all ready produce within their area in a single day. Obstacles can also lower their efficiency.
  • Junimos stop gathering at 7:10pm and when you attend a festival.
  • You do not gain any Farming experience skill points when Junimos harvest your crops for you.
  • Secret Note #24 hints at a secret ability of Junimos in Junimo Huts.
  • The appearance of the Junimo Hut changes based on the season.