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Tools help you do things in the world. You can carry them with you in your backpack for ready use, or store them in a chest when not immediately needed.


You can upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith in exchange for gold and metal bars, with upgrades taking two days to complete. During the upgrade, you can't buy anything or ask Clint to break open geodes. Tools must be upgraded in ascending order of materials; for example, a copper tool can't be upgraded directly to iridium.

Tip: The practical meaning of an upgrade "taking two days to complete" is that you will wake up on two successive days without your tool. You may use the tool during the day, then take it to the Blacksmith (before it closes) to upgrade. The next day you will be without your tool. The following day, you must travel to the Blacksmith to pick up the tool, and can use it for the remainder of the day.


Proficiency refers to the amount of energy required to use a specific tool. Each increase in skill decreases energy requirements for specific tools by 0.1 points. (The game keeps track of fractional amounts of energy, but in the user interface they are rounded to the nearest integer.)

At skill level 0, each Pickaxe, Axe, and Hoe uses 2 energy. Each Fishing Pole uses 8 energy. The starter Watering Can uses 2 energy.

Fully charging an upgraded watering can increases its energy cost by 2 points per upgrade, but each increase in skill decreases those energy requirements by another 0.1 points per upgrade. At Farming Level 0, the starter can uses 2 energy, and the iridium can uses 10 energy. At Farming Level 10, the starter can uses 1 energy, and the iridium uses 9 energy (10 minus .1 per skill level). Using an upgraded can to water one tile costs the same energy as the starter watering can. Attempting to use an empty watering can never costs energy. Filling a water can never uses energy.

Upgrading an Axe, Pickaxe, or Hoe does not decrease the amount of energy required to use it. The increased efficiency of the Axe, Pickaxe, or Hoe, however, will result in less overall energy being used for the same task than a lower-level tool.

Note that all Hoes use the same energy (2 points at Farming Level 0, and 1 point at Farming Level 10), whether fully-charged or used to till one tile of soil.

All fishing poles use the same energy: 8 points at Fishing Level 0, and 7 points at Fishing Level 10.

Affected Tools


Raccolta selvatica



Unaffected Tools

The following tools do not consume energy:

The following tools always consume 4 points of energy:

Neither loading a Crab Pot with Bait nor harvesting it uses any energy, at any skill level.


Articolo principale: Annaffiatoi

Used to water crops. A crop plant does not grow on a day it is not watered. If it is raining, the rain waters all crops without use of the watering can.

Upgraded watering cans may be used to water more than one square at a time by holding left-click. Annaffiatoi


Articolo principale: Asce

Used to chop down Trees for wood and sap and to gather Hardwood from a Large Stump or a Large Log. The axe must also be used to harvest Giant Crops. Like the pickaxe, it can deal a small amount of damage to monsters. Asce


Used to catch fish. Hold down left click to charge the cast, use WASD or the arrow keys to slightly adjust the placement of the hook.

Image Name Cost Improvements Location Requirements
Bamboo Pole.png
Canna di Bamboo Gold.png500o Given to you by Willy

Buy from Willy's Fish Shop

Fiberglass Rod.png
Canna di vetroresina Gold.png1 800o Able to use bait. Buy from Willy's Fish Shop Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 2

(You receive a letter the day after it becomes available)

Iridium Rod.png
Canna d'iridio Gold.png7 500o Able to use bait & tackle. Buy from Willy's Fish Shop Fishing Skill Icon.png Fishing Level 6

(You receive a letter the day after it becomes available)


Articolo principale: Picconi

Used mainly for breaking stones and picking up placed equipment or furniture items. It is also used to un-till soil that has been tilled with a Hoe.

Using a pickaxe on a Monster will deal a small portion of damage, similar to weapons. Picconi


Articolo principale: Zappe

Used primarily to till soil for Farming and to dig up Artifact Spots. Upgraded hoes may be used to till more than one square at a time by holding left-click. Zappe

Other Tools

Image Name Cost Description Location
none Zaino (12 slots) Starter Tool Use to carry your inventory. You start with one. It can hold 12 stacks of items, but it can be upgraded.
Zaino grande (24 slots) Gold.png2 000o Unlocks the 2nd row of inventory (12 more slots). Purchased from Pierre's General Store after receiving advertising mail.
36 Backpack.png
Zaino deluxe (36 slots) Gold.png10 000o Unlocks the 3rd row of inventory (12 more slots). Purchased from Pierre's General Store after buying 24 Size Backpack.
Falce Starter Tool Può tagliare l'erba in fieno, se hai costruito un silo. You start with one.
Milk Pail.png
Secchio per latte Gold.png1 000o Raccogli latte dai tuoi animali. Purchased from Marnie's Ranch.
Cesoie Gold.png1 000o Usale per prelevare lana dalle pecore Purchased from Marnie's Ranch.
Calorifero Gold.png2 000o Fa sì che gli animali restino al caldo e felici d'inverno. Purchased from Marnie's Ranch. It is the reward for completing the Bundle Yellow.png Pacchetto Mangimi sulla bacheca.
Copper Pan.png
Setaccio di rame N/A Usalo per raccogliere oro dai torrenti. Unlocked via completing the Community Center fishing Bundles or Joja upgrades.
Auto-arraffona Gold.png25 000o Raccoglie automaticamente i prodotti degli animali ogni mattina. Funziona con mucche, pecore e capre. Unlocked after reaching Farming Level 10, the player will receive a letter in the mail from Marnie.

Tool Disposal

Most tools cannot be put in the trash can on the player's inventory screen, or dragged off the inventory screen to be dropped. Tools that can be trashed and/or dropped are: all Fishing Poles, the Auto-Grabber, the Heater, and the Copper Pan.

It the player somehow loses the Scythe, Axe, Pickaxe, or Watering Can (by dying in the mines for example), the next day a basic version of the tool will appear either next to the player's bed or in the player's refrigerator, if the player has a kitchen. Mayor Lewis may send a letter in the mail saying he found them and returned them.