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Exhaustion indicator

A player requires Energia to use tools, fish, or engage in combat. Currently available energy is indicated on the player's energy bar, which reflects the decreases as a day progresses.

Energy can be replenished up to its maximum by eating positive-energy food. Consuming negative-energy foods such as Sap or Void Mayonnaise reduces energy. To consume food, put it on the hotbar (the top row of inventory) and
it. A notification in the bottom left of the screen will display energy and health gained by eating food. Typically, more expensive food provides more energy than cheaper food items.

Standing in the Spa also restores energy. In a Multiplayer game, players may slowly restore energy by standing in bed. (If the "Go to bed" dialogue pops up, answer "No", and remain in place.)

The player starts the game with 270 maximum energy. Eating a Stardrop permanently increases maximum energy by 34 points. Eating every Stardrop available in the game permanently increases maximum energy to 508. Eating certain food can temporarily increase maximum energy, even beyond 508.

Players become exhausted when their energy drops to 0 or below, at which point they are unable to run. Continuing energy-consuming activities without energy supply makes the player pass out, ending the day. If the player passes out anywhere outside the house, the player will lose 10% of their money up to Gold.png1 000o.

Eating something enables an exhausted player to run again, but exhaustion remains to the end of the day. Consuming Muscle Remedy removes exhaustion. If a player is married, kissing his/her spouse for the first time in the day removes exhaustion too.


Sleeping restores the player's initial energy level for the next day. Going to bed at or before 12:00AM normally restores energy to its maximum. If the player goes to sleep exhausted (or passes out), sleep removes the exhaustion, but energy restoration is reduced to 50%.

Energy restoration is also reduced if the player goes to bed after 12:00AM. The reduction is 2.5% per 10 minutes up until 01:00AM. After 01:00AM, it is 25% plus another 2.5% per 10 additional minutes. The player passes out at 02:00AM. For example, after retiring at 12:10AM, the player awakens with 97.5% of maximum energy. After retiring exhausted at 1:50AM, the player awakens with 12.5% of maximum energy.

If the new day's calculated initial energy level is lower than the player's actual energy level at the time he/she went to sleep, the player's energy level is left unchanged and not reduced.

Leveling Up

The morning after a skill is leveled up, the player awakens with 100% of maximum energy, regardless the sleep or exhaustion calculation.


  • 1.3: Added energy regeneration while standing in bed for multiplayer. Removed exploit that allowed players to bypass "passing out" by clicking on the journal icon.