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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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This page lists many of the secrets discovered in Stardew Valley.

Intro Screen

The ConcernedApe logo after clicking it.

Clicking on the ConcernedApe logo during the loading screen will cause the sunglasses (if present) to disappear and the eyes to open. A duck/splat sound will also be heard.

The game keeps track of how many times you launch it, and shows friendly messages in the bottom-left corner of the ConcernedApe logo screen based on that number.

Times Launched Message
2 Welcome back!
3 Plug in an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller to activate game pad mode.
4 Tip: Giving gifts is a good way to make friends with the residents of Stardew Valley.
5 Tip: Shift-click to purchase 5 items at a time.
6 After upgrading your hoe or watering can, hold down the tool button to increase the area of effect!
7 Tip: Right-click to use a weapon's special move.
8 Watch TV shows to learn useful tips, cooking recipes, and more!
9 The traveling merchant visits Stardew Valley once a week. She sells a wide variety of goods, often at exorbitant prices!
10 Thanks for playing!
15 Elliott's latest sentence: (randomly constructed sentence)
30 Challenge: Beat Journey Of The Prairie King without dying.
100 You've started the game 100 times.
1,000 You've started the game 1000 times!
10,000 You've started the game 10,000 times! I'm impressed. -Ape

Menù del titolo

Title Screen Secrets

Nel menu del titolo, facendo clic dieci volte sulla lettera "E" nel nome del gioco, un alieno aprirà una porta dietro la lettera. Sorriderà e saluterà per due secondi prima di svanire. Nota che questo non funziona in cinese.

Nel menu del titolo, facendo clic dieci volte sulle foglie, appariranno tre Junimo nel logo e nell'onda.

Nel menu del titolo, facendo clic dieci volte sulla vite in basso a destra sulla lettera "W", verranno visualizzate diverse farfalle.

Se usi un controller, premendo B su Xbox o O su PS4 le nuvole intorno a te si muoveranno rapidamente. Funziona solo dove i due uccelli volano e si ferma quando il menu scende.

Cosa favorita

Mettendo ConcernedApe come cosa favorita quando viene creato il personaggio verrà visualizzato in testo addizionale quando si usa un Astropomo:

ConcernedApe Favourite IT.png

Mettendo qualsiasi parola contenente la parola "Stardew" come cosa favorita quando viene creato il personaggio verrà visualizzato un nuovo testo "Percepisci una connessione incrollabile con la valle stessa..." appare quando viene usato un Astropomo:

StardewFavorite IT.png

Schermata di spedizione

Alcune rare animazioni possono essere visualizzate sullo sfondo della schermata Spedizione alla fine della giornata, a seconda di determinate condizioni.

I numeri superiori a 999.999 traboccheranno nello spazio vuoto e si sposteranno su e giù in un motivo a onde.

Il 24 inverno, Babbo Natale può essere visto con alcune renne che attraversano la parte superiore dello schermo.



  • Se non è il 28 e non ha piovuto, c'è una probabilità dello 0,001% che un UFO attraversi la parte superiore dello schermo.
    UFO animated.gif


  • Nelle notti di luna piena, fare clic su di esso più volte farà rivelare se stesso l'uomo sulla luna


Lonely Stone

"The lonely stone on the Stardew Valley map."

The lonely stone is not an area, but it has a location on the Stardew Valley map. Upon clicking the lonely stone on the map, a rock sound effect will play. After clicking on the lonely stone and around the time when the rock sound effect is played, the map screen will close entirely.

The lonely stone also hasn't been mentioned by any villagers/characters nor is there any lore about it hidden in game files or mentioned by ConcernedApe.

Lucky Purple Shorts

Mayor Lewis' lucky purple shorts can be put in the Luau soup for a unique response from the Governor and Lewis. They can also be put into the Grange Display at the Stardew Valley Fair, causing the player to be disqualified and gain data-sort-value="750">Token.png750 star tokens from Lewis as a bribe to keep his secret. Marnie also gives unique dialogue at the Fair after seeing the shorts in the display.

Skull Cavern Plaques

The plaques that can occasionally be found on the walls of the Skull Cavern have been found to contain text encoded by a cipher.[1]

The plaques that are found on the rough walled levels have been deciphered to give the following.

“we are
too much

This may be a reference to the Purple Slimes that can drop Iridium Ore that are frequently found in large numbers at these levels.

The plaques on the walls of the levels inhabited by Mummies has been deciphered to give the following:

sealed us
in this
until the
day a hero
puts us to

This may or may not refer to the Wizard who lives in Cindersap Forest.

Locked Boxes

"Incomprehensible" Lost Book

The first letters inside the Museum's incomprehensible Lost Book form the following words:


Three secret statues can be found using the above information:


  • The box behind JojaMart (to the north-east) doesn't do anything.

Galaxy Sword

After finding and donating all four Dwarf Scrolls to the Museum, the player receives the Dwarvish Translation Guide. If the player proceeds to the Graveyard, one of the previously unreadable tombstones can now be read.

“You translate the dwarvish:

Stand between the pillars three
With gift as precious as the sky:
A rainbow forged from land, not sea
Then galaxies will heed your cry”

This points the player towards The Desert and the set of three pillars to the Northeast. Stepping into the center of the pillars while holding a Prismatic Shard will cause the shard to be transformed into the Galaxy Sword.

Junimo Plush

The Junimo Plush is a unique piece of furniture. It can be found by shaking a bush in the northwest corner of Pelican Town on the 28th of any season at exactly 12:00pm.

Location of the plush

Rare Dialogue

When entering Marnie's shop, there is a 0.01% chance for her to say

“*sigh*... When the door opened I thought it might be Lewis.”

When entering Robin's or Marnie's shop, there is a chance for her to say

“Lew...? Oh...”


  • Slimes can be hatched in odd places using a Slime Incubator, including Pelican Town or the Railroad. Slimes hatched in the town are known to interact with the townfolk, including greeting them by name and having the townfolk greet them back. Note that this doesn't work in all locations, in some places slimes will be removed overnight.
  • Slimes can also be hatched inside the Farmhouse. If you are married, your spouse may react to the slime with various funny dialogue while trying to kill it.

Character Creation Menu

The Player


PC/Mobile Only: Naming your character using an internal object ID number in brackets will give you the item that corresponds with the number whenever an NPC mentions you by your name. For example, entering [645][499][163] will give you an Iridium Sprinkler, Ancient Seeds, and a Legend. (This exploit also works with naming children and animals.)

Naming a character with an invalid item id (such as [73]) will generate an Error Item.


  • Entering /cheat, /cheats, /imacheat, /money, /showmethemoney, /freegold, /debug, or /rosebud shows a message from ConcernedApe: "ConcernedApe: Nice try..."
  • Entering /ca, /ape, or /concernedape shows a message from ConcernedApe. This message is shown the first time: "Hello. I hope you're enjoying your new life here. Take care!" Doing it again results in this message: "ConcernedApe is hard at work..."
  • Entering /qi shows a message from Mr. Qi. The first time it says: "Mr. Qi: Hey, kid. Yeah, I'm here. What'd you expect?" The second time, this message is shown: "Mr. Qi: Hey... keep up the good work, and never stop striving for success! I'll see you soon, kid..." Thereafter you'll receive the message: "Mr. Qi is away".


  • The title screen easter egg that spawns junimos after 10 leaf clicks was originally found in the source for the 1.1 beta, but is not present in earlier versions.



  • 1.3: Removed item ID naming exploit from all but PC and Mobile versions.
  • 1.4: Added title screen letter "W" secret. Fixed entire stack being consumed bug. Fixed buggy favorite thing dialogue. Fixed wallpaper working to obtain the Galaxy Sword. Added full moon secret.