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— Robin

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Setaccio di rame
Copper Pan.png
Usalo per raccogliere oro dai torrenti.
Costo: Gold.png2 500o

Venduto da: Fish Shop

The Copper Pan is a tool used to gather ore (and other items) from rivers, lakes, and ponds. You receive one after the Glittering Boulder at the bridge just west (left) of the mine entrance is removed, revealing a stream in its place. This task is accomplished by completing the Fish Tank Bundles or purchasing "Panning" from the Joja Community Development Form for Gold.png20 000o.


Go to the mountain area any day after the Glittering Boulder is removed. The game plays a cutscene where Willy is pondering the disappearance of the boulder. He points out the shimmering lights in the water that indicate that the stream is carrying ore and minerals out of the mountain. He then gives you his spare Copper Pan from his backpack.

Thereafter, Copper Pans can be purchased from the Fish Shop for Gold.png2 500o.

Shimmering Lights


Watch for the shimmering lights that randomly appear in any river, lake, or pond, accompanied by the sound of something "falling" in the water. If you can reach the area, approach it, equip the Copper Pan, and left-click on the shimmering lights. Using the Copper Pan consumes no energy.

It can also be placed on the player's head as a hat by moving it from inventory into the player's head equipment slot.

Items Obtained

You always receive a random number of one type of metal ore from panning. You may also receive a random amount of coal, one gem/mineral, or a random amount of Omni Geodes. Shown below is a complete list of items that may be obtained by panning, as well as how the percent chance of obtaining them is adjusted for various luck levels.[1]

As shown, better luck increases the chance of finding Iridium Ore rather than Copper Ore, and the chance of finding a Diamond rather than Coal. Luck from food buffs also increases the chance of finding a Diamond rather than an Amethyst, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, or Topaz. Luck from food buffs affects the percent chance of finding ore by 0.4% for each integer difference in luck, and by 4% for each integer difference in luck for all other items.

Ore Copper Ore.png Rame grezzo (40% ∓ daily luck, −food buff) Iron Ore.png Ferro grezzo (35.9%) Gold Ore.png Oro grezzo (23.1%) Iridium Ore.png Iridio grezzo (1% ± daily luck, +food buff)

Gems Amethyst.png Ametista (1.6%, −food buff) Aquamarine.png Acquamarina (1.6%, −food buff) Diamond.png Diamante (2% ± daily luck, +food buff) Emerald.png Smeraldo (1.6%, −food buff) Ruby.png Rubino (1.6%, −food buff) Topaz.png Topazio (1.6%, −food buff)

Other Coal.png Carbone (50% ∓ daily luck) Earth Crystal.png Cristallo della terra (4.9%) Fire Quartz.png Quarzo di fuoco (4.2%) Frozen Tear.png Lacrima ghiacciata (4.9%) Omni Geode.png Omni-Geode (26%)

Ginger Island Fossilized Tail.png Coda fossilizzata (20% in Dig Site river) Taro Tuber.png Tubero di taro (20% in Island West, South, and Southeast)


  • The Tracker profession can facilitate panning, by adding a small green arrow when shimmering lights appear off-screen (but only within the current map region).


  1. See Pan::getPanItems in the game code.