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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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Combat is the skill associated with fighting monsters in The Mines, The Skull Cavern, or on the Wilderness Farm.

During the first few days in Stardew Valley, the mines are closed due to an accident by Joja Corporation. On or around day 5, the player will receive a letter in the mail from Joja Corp, explaining that the landslide blocking the mines has been cleared, and the mine entrance will be open. At this point, combat becomes available to players who have not chosen the Wilderness Farm.

Combat is increased by killing monsters. Each increase in Combat Level adds one or more Crafting or Cooking recipes and may add HP (health points) to the player's health meter.

Experience level is increased immediately upon slaying a monster, but the "level up" window doesn't appear until the player sleeps (or until all players sleep in multiplayer).

Combat Skill Icon.png Combat Skill

Livello 1 Livello 2 Livello 3 Livello 4 Livello 5
Ricette di fabbricazione: Ricette di fabbricazione: Ricette di cucina: Ricette di fabbricazione: Scegli una professione:
Sturdy Ring.png Anello gagliardo Life Elixir.png Elisir vitale Roots Platter.png Piatto 'radicale' Warrior Ring.png Anello del guerriero Fighter.png Lottatore
+10% di danno a tutti gli attacchi.
(+15 PS)
Scout.png Scout
Chance di colpo critico +50%.
(+0 PS)
Livello 6 Livello 7 Livello 8 Livello 9 Livello 10
Ricette di fabbricazione: Ricette di fabbricazione: Ricette di fabbricazione: Ricette di fabbricazione: Lottatore: Scout:
Slime Egg-Press.png Pressa per uova di melma

Oil of Garlic.png Olio d'aglio

Ring of Yoba.png Anello di Yoba
Slime Incubator.png Incubatrice per melme

Explosive Ammo.png Munizioni esplosive

Iridium Band.png Fascia d'iridio Brute.png Bruto
+15% di danno.
(+0 PS)
Acrobat.png Acrobata
Recupero dalle mosse speciali dimezzato.
(+0 PS)
Defender.png Difensore
+25 PS.
Desperado.png Desperado
I colpi critici sono letali.
(+0 PS)

Choosing the Scout Profession increases Critical Strike chance by the following formula: critChance += critChance * 0.5. In fact, all critical strike chance bonuses are multiplicative, not additive. Even with all possible bonuses, it's around 5-10% crit. chance at best, so even with the Desperado Profession it can be difficult to justify over the flat damage increases of the Fighter branch.

(Tested crit chance with Scout skill and two +10% crit chance rings. Chance to crit is multiplicative not additive: around 5-10% depending on your weapon [base * 1.5 * 1.1 * 1.1] with all boosts, not 50% + 10% + 10% = 70%).

The max crit chance is 10.89% which can be achieved with a Wicked Kris, an Aquamarine Ring in each ring slot, and the Scout Profession.

Desperado increases the damage of critical hits from roughly x3 to approximately x21. With the required Scout skill, characters crit roughly 2% of the time, resulting in approximately 42% extra damage in the long term. This is, however, not entirely accurate, as critical strikes will be virtually guaranteed to do more damage than targets have remaining health.

Experience Points

The following table lists the experience points gained for killing the indicated monster. (This data can be found in Data\Monsters.xnb as well as the constructors for Grub and Fly in the game code. In the Quarry Mine and dungeon floors of the Mines, monster data are set by MineShaft.getMonsterForThisLevel and the constructor for Bat in the game code.)

Monster Experience (XP)
Green Slime 3
Dust Sprite 2
Bat 3
Frost Bat 7
Lava Bat 15
Iridium Bat 22
Stone Golem 5
Wilderness Golem 5
Grub 2
Fly 10
Frost Jelly (i.e., Blue Slime) 6
Sludge (i.e., Red, Purple, Copper, or Iron Slime) 10
Ghost 15
Duggy 10
Rock Crab 4
Lava Crab 12
Iridium Crab 20
Squid Kid 15
Shadow Brute 15
Shadow Shaman 15
Skeleton 8
Metal Head 6
Bug 1
Mummy 20
Big Slime 7
Serpent 20
Mutant Grub 6
Mutant Fly 10
Pepper Rex 7
Haunted Skull 15

Stat Bonus

Consuming certain foods or drinks, wearing particular Footwear or Rings, and choice of Weapon can all give Stat Bonuses that affect the player's Combat ability.

Attack.png Attack affects how much damage the player does with each weapon strike.

Crit. Power.png Crit. Power adds additional damage when hitting a critical strike.

Defense.png Defense affects how much damage the player takes from enemy strikes.

Immunity.png Immunity affects the chance to be afflicted with certain debuffs.

The Weight.png Weight of a weapon affects how far an enemy will be knocked back when struck with the weapon.

Speed w.png Weapon Speed and Speed.png Player Speed are also a factor in successful Combat.