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"Pol" is an abbreviation for "inches". I don't know why ConcernedApe chose to show fish length in inches in-game, but if you catch a fish, you can see in-game it says "pol.", not "cm".

As for the translation of "Farming", ConcernedApe again chose "fattoria", not "agricoltura". If you look at the skills tab in-game you will see "Fattoria" as the first skill. If you eat a food that gives a farming buff, the buff shows the word "fattoria". So, the wiki needs to use the terms used in-game.

If you have translation corrections for the game, there is a post on reddit.

I sympathize with you about bad translations, but the wiki needs to reflect the game, flaws and all. margotbean (discussioni) 19:21, 2 mag 2019 (BST)