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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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Uovo del Vuoto
Void Egg.png
Un uovo nero lucente con macchioline rosse. È caldo al tocco.
Fonti: Void ChickenWitchKrobus
Effetto curativo
38 Energia
53 Energia
68 Energia
98 Energia
17 Salute
23 Salute
30 Salute
44 Salute
Prezzi di vendita
Prezzo base: AllevatoreProfessione Allevatore:
(+20 % Prezzo di vendita)
Prezzi di vendita artigianali:
AllevatoreProfessione Allevatore:
(+20 % Prezzo di vendita)
ArtigianoProfessione Artigiano:
(+40 % Prezzo di vendita)

The Void Egg is an animal product obtained from a Void Chicken. Initially, a Void Egg can be obtained through a random event involving a witch. The random event can occur as long as the player owns a Big or Deluxe Coop that is not full. The witch will fly over the coop during the night and leave a Void Egg inside.

A Void Egg can also be purchased from Krobus for Gold.png5 000o. If you are married to Shane, there is a small random chance he may present you with one as a gift. A Void Salmon Fish Pond may produce a Void Egg when the population of the pond reaches 9.

A Void Egg sells for a base of Gold.png65o. This is Gold.png15o more than a Small Egg, but Gold.png30o less than a Large Egg.

A Void Egg can hatch a Void Chicken by placing it in a Big or Deluxe Coop's incubator.

A Void Egg will be produced by a Void Chicken daily if fed on the prior day, like all other chickens.


Reazioni dei paesani


The Void Egg is not used in any Community Center bundles.

Artisan Goods

See also: Animal Products Profitability
Image Name Description Ingredient Equipment Time Sell Price
Void Mayonnaise.png
Void Mayonnaise Una colla densa e nera che odora di capelli bruciati. Void Egg.png Uovo del Vuoto (1)
Mayonnaise Machine.png
Mayonnaise Machine
Time Icon.png 3 Hours Gold.png275o


Void Eggs can be used in place of chicken or duck eggs in the following cooked dishes.

Immagine Nome Descrizione Ingredienti Ripristina Buff Durata di buff Fonti di ricetta Prezzo di vendita

Blueberry Tart Chocolate Cake Cookie Crab Cakes Fried Egg Omelet Pancakes Pink Cake


Void Egg is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create a Shirt. Shirt083.png



  • 1.0: Introduced.
  • 1.1: Removed ability to make into Mayonnaise, added Void Mayonnaise. Now also sold by Krobus. Increased value to 65g, up from 50g.
  • 1.4: Removed from Traveling Cart stock. Can now be used in Tailoring. Can be requested in Fish Pond quests. Can be produced by Fish Ponds.