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Info pagina Pesca

Hi, I saw that you corrected the writing cm (centimeters) in po. Po what does it mean? Because it seems correct to leave cm as a measure of fish.
Another thing: Farming in italian is Agricoltura, not fattoria. Fattoria in english is farm. I mean this page: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/Farming (the italian page is Fattoria but is wrong because is a skill, not a farm). Need correct to all pages where Farming refer to Fattoria (farm) in italyan version. So Farming is Agricoltura, the name of Skill.
P.S: you are italian?

Ah, i find a wrong in this image:File:SwitchControllerMap IT.png. The phrase Scorri nella menu is wrong, is: Scorri nel menu (3 photo have this mistaken). Zaffira (discussioni)

For messagge fast

Maybe you want discord for messagge me fast when i wrong anything for translation or you have question? Zaffira (discussioni)

Mining skill

https://it.stardewvalleywiki.com/Mining/Skill I see you delete my translate because need use terms in game but i don't have file (as Crowdin) so for me Chance is Possibilità, this is why i translated. I writed in Reddit about this, problem is i need contact italian who make this translation. This is why you can find i make translation where don't need because i don't completed this game 100%. Zaffira (talk) 06:20, 5 May 2019

Remove Tradurre

https://it.stardewvalleywiki.com/Guida_introduttiva I can remove from this page template Tradurre? Because i finnish translate. And do this every time i finnish. Zaffira (discussioni)

Latte della serpe d'iridio

I make this redirec page because exist in english version: https://stardewvalleywiki.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Iridium_snake_milk&redirect=no

And I already created the page Latte della serpe d'iridio to redirect to Salute, because that's what the game calls it. margotbean (discussioni) 20:06, 6 mag 2019 (BST)


Al posto di cambiare tutte le pagine di bouquet non possiamo creare una pagina di redirect?

Anche perché nel linguaggio corrente bouquet viene utilizzato, però se preferisci utilizzare "Mazzo di fiori" va bene, ma almeno facciamo una redirect page per non cambiare tutte le voci... Redirect alla pagina in questione Mazzo di fiori.

Tech T (discussioni) 08:53, 17 dic 2019 (UTC)Tech T

Hi Tech T! Yes, since the game refers to "bouquet" in only one place (the letter from Pierre), a redirect would be inappropriate -- all links to "Bouquet" should redlink (be red), so they can be changed to "Mazzo di fiori".
Thanks so much for translating the wiki, I know it's a lot of work! margotbean (discussioni) 19:31, 17 dic 2019 (UTC)

Hello Margotbean, yes is a hard work but I'm happy to do this. So the only solution for " Bouquet" is to change every single page where it does appear. If I write bad in English is because I'm Italian😅 Thanks for the support. Let's keep in touch.

Tech T (discussioni) 08:49, 18 dic 2019 (UTC)Tech T

traduzione schedule

Ritengo che la traduzione delle schedule sia inutile visto che le frasi non sono complesse e che si assomigliano quasi tutte. Sarebbe una perdita di tempo utile magari per la creazione e traduzione di altre pagine.. Sarebbe bello poter discutere a proposito della wiki direttamente magari tramite reddit o instagram o mediante email.

Tech T (discussioni) 10:20, 18 dic 2019 (UTC)Tech T

It might be wise to avoid translating schedules, since they have changed in v1.4 (and they were not necessarily accurate before v1.4). Work on what you enjoy, and skip the rest.  :) margotbean (discussioni) 17:13, 18 dic 2019 (UTC)

Traduzione " The Stardrop saloon"

Ciao sono di nuovo io, ti volevo chiedere se " Il Saloon Stella Cadente" potesse essere una buona traduzione per "The Stardrop Saloon".


Tech T (discussioni) 10:32, 18 dic 2019 (UTC)Tech T

But the name of the Saloon in game is "Saloon Astropomo". See File:Saloon_IT.png margotbean (discussioni) 17:13, 18 dic 2019 (UTC)
Ok Thanks Tech T (discussioni) 07:16, 19 dic 2019 (UTC)Tech T

Hi margotbean! Sorry for my mistake, next time I'll be more careful and check that everything is translated. Odraccir (discussioni) 12:41 5 feb 2020

No worries. You've been doing a lot of work translating, and I appreciate it. Thank you! margotbean (discussioni) 18:29, 5 feb 2020 (UTC)

Interested in translating everything but got no experience on wikis

Hi, i saw that you are an active user of this wiki, in spite of being english-speaker. I appreciate what you do and i'm sorry for my mistakes: i don't really know how to format things and i'm discovering things as i translate big chunks of text! If it's okay to you, we can keep in touch on Telegram (@Mattiaz) or on Discord (ArcticCake#5151). Mattia.exe (talk) 18:27, 18 March 2020

Got any hint?

I am willing to translate templates(i.e. Template:Infobox_monster) but while i understand that there are if statements in order to reflect the different "inputs", i can't understand how to make everything the right way. I don't know if you have time to explain me how to translate in the right way that page("spawns in" change didn't show up on Golem selvatico page yet, in example...) and how to do other things, so i am asking you to link me some material from which i can learn without disturbing.
--Mattia.exe (discussioni) 20:21, 19 mar 2020 (UTC)
P.S. Could you please delete the Bouquet page? I created it to shorten my effort in changing all the red links for it(completed, now everything is directed to Mazzo di fiori)), but now it's just useless and i can't delete it myself.
--Mattia.exe (discussioni) 01:13, 20 mar 2020 (UTC)

Translation of Love,Like,Neutral,Dislike,Hate

Hi! We were discussing about the most appropriate way to translate "Love", "Like", "Neutral", "Dislike", and "Hate". We saw that in game they are reported as "Adorare", "Gradire", "Normale", "Sgradire", and "Detestare". In the traslation of the gifts section we are not sure on how to translate them: if we should use the verb "Adora" (not the infinite form "Adorare" because it sounds very bad in Italian) or if we should use "Dono adorato" like the game in Italian. The last solution we think it's more appropriate with Italian and the game but it's not like the English wiki. What do you suggest? Thank you! Maendi (discussioni) 17:26, 24 mar 2020 (UTC)

Needed change of page names

Hi! I think that only you can change page names, so i am contacting you to do so.

Elenco di tutti i regali needs to be "Elenco di tutti i doni". Name chosen after confrontation with in-game term usage.

Spedendo needs to be "Spedizioni". The change is needed also in the template:Mainmenu.

Modificando needs to be "Modding". It is in the template:Mainmenu, and i don't know how to translate the page in italian since it links to the english wiki. if you name it "Modding" i will translate the page. Explanation for the translation: Even though "Modificando" it's a translation that could fit for the word, it doens't fit for the case. Italians refer to the modding with the english term only.

I've saved in photos all the pages that link to these pages, and i will adapt the links as soon as i can.

Thanks for your time.:) --Mattia.exe (discussioni) 06:16, 30 mar 2020 (UTC)

Hi! I'm a new entry here, I'm trying to do my best but these are my first times in a wiki. I accidentally created a page named "Minerale di rame", and I don't know how to remove it from the wiki. Could you help me? Thank you so much! I would love to get in touch with you on telegram (@UnBaroQualunque) or Discord (@UnBaroQualunque). UnBaroQualunque (discussioni) 23:47, 31 mar 2020 (UTC)

Needing help

Hi! I'm a new entry here, I'm trying to do my best but these are my first times in a wiki. I accidentally created a page named "Minerale di rame", and I don't know how to remove it from the wiki. Could you help me? Thank you so much! I would love to get in touch with you on telegram (@UnBaroQualunque) or Discord (@UnBaroQualunque). UnBaroQualunque (discussioni) 23:51, 31 mar 2020 (UTC)