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Professor Snail

Hello Aciredef1996! We have a small problem in the game regarding Prof. Snail. When you meet him, he says "Sono il Professor Lumaca." And the game is supposed to change his name under his face in dialog boxes to "Professor Lumaca". But I tested in-game, and it says "Professor Snail" (at least, after the first time you meet him). So, his page could be called either one. I believe this is a bug that should be fixed, and I can report it on the forums.

For now, there are 12 language wikis that link to "Professor Lumaca", and several pages on the Italian wiki that link there. So, I've created a redirect from "Professor Snail" to "Professor Lumaca". Whenever the "Professor Lumaca" page is created, there should be a "Notes" or "Bugs" section on it that explains the inconsistency. With the redirect, all players should be able to find his page, whether they look for "Snail" or "Lumaca". I believe this is the best solution, that creates the least amount of work across all 12 languages, and on the Italian wiki. I hope you agree.

Thank you for translating the wiki, I was beginning to think that no one cared about it in Italian! Welcome!! margotbean (discussioni) 17:50, 12 mar 2022 (UTC)

Hello Margotbean! Thank you so much, I'm more than happy to help, I've only been playing the game since about a month, but I enjoy it so much that I thought it was a shame to leave the italian wiki unfinished, so I will definitely give my contribution and do what I can :D Thank you for such a warm welcome! Aciredef1996 (discussioni) 18:39, 12 mar 2022 (UTC)


I've asked a question about a translation on the Discussione:Cinema page. If you want to read it and give your input, that would be great! If not, no worries. I've also asked Maendi to give their opinion, since they're the only other active editor. Thanks again for all your hard work in translating the wiki! margotbean (discussioni) 19:01, 13 mar 2022 (UTC)

Hello margotbean! Thanks for bringing it to my attention :3 --Aciredef1996 (discussioni) 09:30, 14 mar 2022 (UTC)