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“Ho ancora molto lavoro da fare”
— Robin

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The Weather Channel
“Benvenuti a KOZU 5... la vostra fonte numero uno per meteo, notizie e intrattenimento. E ora, le previsioni di domani...”

Il Clima cambia ogni giorno e con le seasons. Per controllare il tempo dell'indomani e' possibile controllarlo guardando la TV screen and selecting "Weather Report."

Daily weather affects the types of fish that can be caught, as well as villager dialogues and behavior.

Weather Types

Weather Icon TV Image Description
Ci sarà il sereno per tutto il giorno.

Domani sarà una bellissima giornata di sole!

Pioverà tutto domani.
Vento (Primavera)
Parzialmente nuvoloso con una brezza leggera. Aspettatevi molto polline!
Vento (Autunno)
Ci saranno le nuvole, con folate di vento per tutto il giorno.
Sembra che si avvicini un temporale. Aspettatevi tuoni e fulmini.
Aspettatevi qualche palmo di neve, domani.

Nevicherà tutto il giorno. Copritevi bene, gente!

Copritevi bene, gente. Domani nevicherà!

Domani sereno e soleggiato... proprio il tempo da festival!
Giorno del matrimonio
N/A (This image will appear instead of the weather icon on your wedding day)


  • It always rains on stormy days. Fish that require rain can be caught on stormy days, and the Old Mariner will appear on stormy days.
  • The Rain Totem will change the weather for the following day to rain unless the following day is a festival or the 1st day of a season. (Spring 2-4 of year 1 can also not be changed by a Rain Totem.)
  • During thunderstorms there is a possibility that lightning strikes can destroy crops and trees, and temporarily change Fruit Trees into coal trees.
  • Lightning will not strike Chests placed outside[1].
  • If Lightning Rods are placed anywhere on the farm[2] they have a good chance to intercept lightning strikes, as long as they are not already processing a strike into a Battery Pack.
  • Winter Seeds need to be watered even if it is snowing.
  • Snow transparency can be changed in the Options Menu. Sliding the bar to the left will increase snow transparency (i.e., decrease opacity).
  • The weather will always be "clear and sunny" for Festivals.
  • It will never rain in Winter unless you use a Rain Totem.
  • If there is a Festival on your wedding day, the heart icon will not display.
  • For all villager heart events, there are only two defined weather states: Sun and Rain. This means that any event that requires a "Sunny" day can trigger on windy or snowy days as well as sunny days. Thunderstorm days count as rainy days, so "sunny" events will not trigger.


The TV will not necessarily be accurate for Spring 2/4 or Summer 13/26.

The TV will predict stormy weather on Summer 25th, but not the 26th. If you do not check the TV forecast on the 25th, it may not be stormy. (See en:Modding:Weather data for more information.)

On a windy day in the Fall the blowing leaves are usually a reddish color, except in the Secret Woods, where they will be green.